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Did You Know? Zinc Metal Helps the World WorkTM

September 20, 2016 - 

Zinc metal is essential to the galvanizing process, which coats and protects steel from corrosion and rust. We make Prime Western (PW) zinc metal and sell it to the galvanizing industry.

What’s interesting about zinc metal is that we sell it and we buy it. We purchase “used” zinc metal or residue from our hot dip (HDG) and continuous galvanizers (CG). Then, we-reuse and re-process it as a raw material to make all of our products (zinc metal, zinc oxide, zinc dust, zinc fines).

One of the great benefits of zinc is that it can be recycled over and over … and still maintain its properties. We are the largest zinc recycler in the world and encourage reduced waste, reuse and recycling of materials. Sustainability is important, which is why we say, Our Cycle Is Recycle®.  Read more about how our products are Helping the world WorkTM by visiting our Did You Know? page.